Rethink Your Energy

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Pilo Battery

Life duration +/- 10 years

Made to power
your remote control

Shake it only
3 times to charge it

Eco friendly,
no chemical battery,
fully recyclable

Need to be changed
and/ or recharged

Few years of usage

Major environmental issue

Technical Characteristics
  • AA battery form factor
  • 1,2 V Output
  • 10mW with normal shake
  • 10mah
  • Perfect for your remote control
  • Shake it 3 times to recharge it

Pilo Battery is a Research and Development project

Pilo Demo

Our project

An AA battery, a remote control, what’s next?

We rethink your energy and want to create lot of autonomous objects by your movement or your environment.

No more care about the “no more battery” because you will always be on. An ecological solution for a current issue.


Nicolas TOPER
CoFounder and CEO
Head of Communication
Don Ramon
Our Inspiration

Please contact us on we love feedback, office visit and new contacts.


What Is Pilo?

Pilo is a kinetic generator with an energy storage device. It had the form factor of an AA battery but it is an R&D project. We will create autonomous objects.

What’s the next step?

You will receive regularly news about what we do and where we are. Once we are ready to mechanize, we’ll send you an email explaining where and how you can order our products.

What are specs?

We store about 10 mAh and generate 10mW per shake (at a “normal” speed). Output is 1.2V


Most of your electronic devices consume a tiny amount of energy. It’s possible to power them using current energy harvesting technologies. This is what we do.

With What Devices Does It work?

We have a remote control as proof of concept. We are working on other products.

Where are you based?

Paris, France

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